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Wiggley's Fun Farm Extension

Wiggley's Fun Farm Limited intends to apply for planning permission for the erection of an extension to its existing facility at Aberbaiden Road, Bridgend.

The location of the development is shown on the website map. The exact location of the site can be viewed in the draft application plans.

1. Read about the proposal

The proposal seeks to extend the existing facility at Wiggley's Fun Farm


Wiggley's Fun Farm wants to expand its day visitor tourist potential and grow the business to improve its visitor offering by extending the main building to the west in order to create larger indoor facilities in order to meet demand.

The single storey extension would be located to the west of the existing main building. The profile of the extension would match the existing building which is asymmetrical in nature with a higher eaves to the rear at 5.4m rising to a ridge of 7.9m with then a much longer roof at the front falling to a lower eaves of 2.8m.
External materials would match the existing building.

The low profile of the main building structure is set generally along the natural contour of the land which ensures that it will not appear excessive in scale. By locating the proposed development south west of the site, it will be screened from near and far viewpoints by a dense belt of mature trees and further to the south landscaped landforms.

The proposed extension internally will be built to the same detailed format as the current building.

The additional floor area formed by the 48.7m x 30.3 m extension would contain an enlarged play area, smaller rooms to hold parties, larger kitchen to serve additional visitor numbers and alternative pedestrian access/egress point at times of peak demand. This additional floorspace will ease the current issue of full operational capacity in Wiggley's.

It will hold additional play areas and seating for tourists, local visitors and party guests. Play areas will include levelled play which will also require the building to be of the same height of the current building.

2. View the draft application

Please click on the documents below to view the draft application submission.

  • Wiggley's Site Location Plan


  • Wiggley's Application Form


  • Wiggley's Existing Site Plan


  • Wiggley's Proposed Site Plan


  • Wiggley's Existing Plan and Elevations


  • Wiggley's Proposed Plan and Elevations


  • Wiggley's Design and Access Statement


  • Wiggley's Tree Survey


  • Wiggley's Preliminary Ecological Assessment


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